A2 milk is richer in proteins, fats, and other good nutrients. It has a better flavor and is uncontaminated.

Consuming A2 milk protects us against Neurological Impairment, Type 1 Diabetes, impaired immune response, heart & autoimmune diseases.

A2 milk has good fat content and is near about 4.8% compared to standard milk in which fat content is 3.6%. Fat content supports our cell structure.

A2 milk can be easily digested by humans compared to goat milk. It is said that even people suffering from lactose intolerance can digest A@ milk without any difficulty or complications.

A2 milk undergoes a low heat pasteurization process, which preserves its nutrients and good bacteria. There is more beta-carotene in this milk which means low cholesterol.

Regular consumption of A2 milk has shown to bring down cases of autism in children, schizophrenic symptoms, incidences of cardiovascular disease, and various neurological, endocrine and immunological disorders.

Cow’s milk contains two major protein groups; caseins and whey proteins and out of which caseins account for 80% of milk protein.(1) Among the caseins, beta casein is the second most abundant protein and has excellent nutritional balance of amino acids.

Curtin research in Australia demonstrates health benefits of A2 versus A1 milk