We believe, Cow is not a milking machine

For thousands of years, the cows have lived with mankind as a part of their family, forming an important support system in farming. The scriptures mention that the cow was an integral part of society in the Vedic era.

People in ancient era followed a specific method to milk their cows. Out of four udders two were used to milk and use for human consumption while remaining two, left for the calf to feed on.

Since number of Indian Vedic cows were found in large numbers around human habitat, and our population was far below what it is now, the requirements were easily met for each family. In olden days selling of milk was not part of the custom. Each family had their own cows through which their need for milk was met and ample remained for cow’s calves too.

Thus the cows were never exploited; such a thing was unheard of in earlier days. But with rise in population, demand for milk increased, people started moving from villages towards cities and started engaging in other activities which threw this balance out of order.

Gradually as population, pollution, and demand for milk increased cows began to be exploited and there came a time when they started getting treated like factories.  Now industrial methods are being used on gentle animals like cows without any consideration for the calf.

We at our farm don’t let it happen. And we don’t claim to the only ones. There are many individuals like us who have become conscious of the degeneration and want to go back to the old methods of farming and raising cattle to save the environment and raise animals in good condition providing them and their calves with environment.

In our farm, cows are fed dry-green fodder which is a by-product of our own organic farming; we provide clean drinking water, make comfortable shelters for them, and treat them well. As a result – our cows are healthy in body and happy in mind. These cows give us superior quality of milk. Our ghee also has better and higher nutrients. It is light and easy to digests, full of good nutrients that offer numerous benefits for out body and offer protection against ailments that are becoming far too common in today’s world amid all age groups.

The milk and ghee we supply is full of “satvik tatva”. Needless to even mention, that not only cows, but also oxen and calves in our farms are treated with equal kindness because we our aim is to create a natural environment that will produce results.