The Story Behind Dairy Treat

Bring health and happiness to your home, with pure, natural, fresh n creamy raw A2 milk and A2 milk products everyday… Delivered directly from our farm to you.

Ours in a family owned farm, managed and cultivated by adult family members under the direct control and stringent supervision & quality control of Shri Kapil Tawari B.E (Comp)(Nagpur University) who heads the operations, is a passionate agriculturist, dedicated to the cause of organic farming as well as saving the environment that our forefathers left to us.

Our Farm, Close to Mother Nature!
Our farm is located at Rajurwdi in Amravati District of Maharashtra. It is a diversified farm following organic methods of farming. When you visit our village, you will be awestruck by its luscious green environment, and will feel refreshed and relaxed as you inhale dry, healthy & clean air.

The expanse of open land spread in acres offers absolutely natural and free breeding environment for our Gir cows that are flourishing and thriving here. We often request our patrons to pay a visit to our village and be our guests so that we can get a chance to show you around and where you can experience the refreshing & rejuvenating environment and become one with Mother Nature. It is something you have to experience because words will fail us if we try to describe the feel.

When you see our cows grazing in open pastures, freely walking around and resting under the trees, breathing in healthy fresh air, you’ll know what we are talking about.

Dairy Treat farm was established in the year 2016 with the aim of producing pure, organic and chemical-free home-made dairy products and making them available to the conscious consumers who want to lead organic life.

We Love What We Do
Our family is into farming and we lead organic life as much as possible and also help those who want to breathe, eat, drink, and live healthy, a life free of chemicals and adulteration. And believe me, it is not an easy life! But it is the dedication of our people and our own passion with which we do our work that gives us the strength to carry out all our routine chores, 365 days a year – day after day, without any break, and without any complains! Right from waking up at 4 AM, milking the cows, sending them to graze, scrubbing them clean…we don’t miss any step and enjoy every moment on our farm that we spend with our much loved cows.

We have come to love our way of farming and raising our animals because we have experienced the benefits of consuming good and healthy food and milk personally. This is the reason we’re committed to continuing with our organic methods and do not use any chemical pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, fertilizers in our farm, no matter what these artificial products claim or promise.

It is this passion and conviction that motivates us every day to be at it. Use Jeevamrut and mulching in our farms provides nutrients in soil and Dashparni ark (All natural plant extracts) protects our crop from minor or major damage caused by insects, rodents, pests, etc.

It is said that organic farming happens when every element in nature is driven to work together to create healthy wholesome food.

“।गावो रक्षति रक्षित।।

|| गावो विश्वस्य मातरः||”

Our cows are our extended family. We look after them like one! When we give our cows the best environment to live and the right and best nutrition that they need, they give us the best A2 milk. We work hard to ensure that we serve them the best we can through all seasons to ensure they are happy and healthy.
We’d like tell people who’ve not raised Indian Vedic cows (the only cows in the world that have a hump) or know little about nurturing them is that what’s good for you and me, are the things these animals also need. Things like fresh air, sunshine, exercise, eating right – is good for us as well as for cows. When we provide them with good, clean environment and healthy food, they breed well and produce exceptionally superior quality of milk called A2 MIlk.

Healthy pastures make for healthy fodder. Healthy fodder makes happy cows produce. And healthy cows produce healthful nutrition in the form of A2 protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids you and your family needs!

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