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“We own farmlands where we raise crops and cattle using the age old Vedic traditions. We supply the best quality of fresh A2 Milk & Ghee in its purest and healthiest form to local consumers in Amravati and across India. Some of the cities we supply our ghee to are Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, & Aurangabad. Our products i.e. milk, ghee, butter, etc. are hand churned/organically cultivated in order to keep the purity & health benefits of the products intact.”

In our farms we follow traditional methods of farming and raising the desi Vedic cows. We grow, sell, & promote 100% organic dairy products. We supply milk to consumers in glass bottles while fresh and not contaminated by bacterial growth producers.

Our Products


Our cows eat organic fodder. We sell pure, unprocessed milk, absolutely fresh which preserves natural vitamins and minerals that are present in the milk. A2 milk we supply is of highest quality and packed in glass bottles. Before plastic was introduced, we used to get our milk in glass bottles, remember?


Ghee is made using the traditional method. We use only hand churned butter; it is made on full moon day amid chanting of mantras on cow-dung fire. Indian Vedic (desi) cow milk (A2 milk) is used for making ghee. The taste and aroma that our ghee offers cannot be found in ghee made on industrial scale available in shops..


Besides, A2 Milk & Ghee that we sell now, we are also growing vegetables, grains, & pulses in our farms in Amravati without chemical or artificial agents and manure, or pesticides that we’ll soon make available in the market. To grow our products we only use manure made from Gobar (cow-dung) & Gomutras.

Why Dairy Treat Products Are Superior in Benefits?


Cows are fed organic fodder, a by-product of our own farms. We use hands and not machines to milk our cows. During their progeny also we follow the natural delivery and other processes.


We deliver milk in glass bottles to avoid bacterial growth for a longer duration of time. Ditto with our ghee; it is prepared without exposing it to any unnatural methods.


Our milk reaches consumers fresh within a few hours of cows being milked. We do not put it through any heating, skimming, or any such artificial and modern process.


Cows are raised in hygienic conditions; their fodder is grown through organic farming. Milk’s packaging also ensures high standards of hygiene.

Ghee Making Process

Just like A2 milk, our ghee is also pure and healthy, made from A2 milk with age old Bilona method.


Our milk is fresh & pure with all minerals and vitamins intact. No hormonal injections, antibiotics given to the cows.

What Is Type A2 MILK & Its Benefits

Milk from Gir cow is categorized as A2 milk. People who consume A2 milk from Vedic cows (raised in healthy environmental conditions) on a regular basis have shown reduced signs and symptoms of autism amongst children, schizophrenic symptoms, incidence of cardiovascular disease , type-1 diabetes and several neurological, endocrine and immunological disorders. Vedic Cow’s milk contains two major protein groups; caseins and whey proteins and out of which caseins account for 80% of milk protein.

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